Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Being a Hero

Well sorry I've not been around for a while, we had a boring Yuletide although Nana did come down for dinner which was very nice.
We have been out on walks and of course we have been patrolling my Queendom. 
It was lucky that we did as the other week we came across a fire. The Ogre made sure it was all out.

Sitting pretty for the Ogre to get a nice picture of us

The K.i.T is now taller than me but not as pretty

I am the Queen and the most beautiful

Needing a bit of a rest from running around checking on my land

Giving the Ogre another good picture

We both got some dried liver

Some little Ogres set fire to my Heath, we managed to chase them off & our Ogre put the fire out. We stayed around in case the firestarters returned but luckily they didn't.
This could have ended very badly for the animals that live here.

Hope You all have a lovely week.

Sunday, 27 November 2016


Hi there, it's me the K.i.T (Knight in Training). 

After our lovely day away in Wales I got to go back there last week. I spent some time with Spotty, we had lots of fun. We had an accident in the car on the way there & mummy is going to have to pay to repair his car which she's not happy about as he was a nasty little man.

I now have been licking my paws, this has given me 3 lick granulomas which are very itchy, so mummy has bought me a satellite dish, it doesn't seem to be picking up any good channels though.

I haven't figured out yet how to get around, I seem to keep getting stuck. Hopefully my paws will get better quickly, mummy is putting special creams on them to help.

Hope you are all well.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Happy Birthday Daddy

Well we had a lovely holiday (even if it was only 3 days-2 spent driving).
We took the chariot all the way to Wales to see Daddy on his 10th birthday, it was a lovely day.
However it didn't start out too well as we hit traffic works on the motorway & I had a little "whoops" moment.
The hotel was quite nice but very noisy so I didn't get much sleep.
But the following day we made tracks to the birthday party.
I was so happy.

The sign, we knew we were nearly there, we are Dolyhir Dogs

Daddy, the birthday boy. 10 years old
We had lots of fun & treats and really enjoyed ourselves.

The following day the Ogre took us to a beautiful place for a lovely walk.

Aren't we gorgeous

Just look at that view

The river was very cold but we loved it

This was not the hotel we stayed at, maybe next time
The clocks have gone back to normal time so it's getting dark really early, no more long walks until the springtime.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Venturing afar

Something is apaw. The Ogre is baking & making. She has been trawling the interweb for somewhere nice to stay.

It's going to be daddy's birthday on saturday & we are going to his PAWty. Yippee!!! 

The Ogre says it's going to be a very long drive (I remember how long it is, although I slept for most of it last time) and we will have to behave. We do not have the caravan anymore so we will be staying in a hotel. Will let you all know how that goes.

I can't show the pressies we will be taking, don't want to spoil daddy's surprise.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Just having a SPA day

Today the KiT and I took a walk through a part of my Queendom. We took the carriage to the Heath.
It's been very hot this last month & today was no different, although not sunny.

The lack of rain has made the grass very dry, this puts the Heath at risk of fires.  

All very dry & brown. The trees are in fruit but we didn't see many blackberries, there hasn't been enough rain for them to get big enough.

Making sure I keep up with the KiT

Check everywhere, there is always some pee-mail somewhere

Just a little rest


The KiT loves to climb

Another little rest, next to some heather

This time the KiT had a rest

We decided to visit Katherine the Mermaid but she was gone, her lake all dried up with just a little bit of mud left. KiT had a good check.

Need to roll the mud in a bit.
We then headed back home & both of us had to take a nice long bath to get the mud out. We now smell & feel so nice.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Still wandering

Sorry, we've been AWOL for a while. The camera had stopped working & we needed to buy a new lead for it.

We have been out for many walks, mostly local. We have not been able to walk around our Lakes, there has been a big calamity there, there is some blue/green algae found in the water & some dogs have died from drinking the water.

So we took off for a day around my Queendom.

We checked all the pee-mail

Sat for the Ogre to take a few nice pictures

Spoilt a few

Spoilt a few more

Visited our Unicorn friends, this tree is the marker to their kingdom, you can just make out the image of a Unicorn near the top of the trunk.

everything is very green at the moment, we have had some rain.

the K.i.T had a rest half way around

we took the long way around

the K.i.T found some rainbows to dance with.
 Hope you all have a lovely weekend & get many walks,

Sunday, 31 January 2016

On the hunt for FURiends

Well Thursday we had some lovely sunshine for a while. We took ourselves off to the Heath for a walk.

We were on the hunt for a new FURiend called Crystal. We have been informed by Coco that she walks there often. We need to find Crystal as she knows where there is a lovely kingdom full of Bernese.

Hello there, we are looking for Crystal, have you seen her?

So far we haven't seen Crystal, nor could we find Coco. The sun was shining nicely at this point but as it was already late in the afternoon it was beginning to get very low on the horizon which means it kept shining in our eyes.
We met a couple of other dogs who knew Crystal but they hadn't seen her on their walk today. They said the would tell her that we were looking for her the next time they saw her.

as we couldn't find her we decided to go & see Katherine the Mermaid

She was very happy that her lake was filled very high, we had been very worried during the summer that it was too low.

We refreshed ourselves whilst we were there

Then of course our Ogre made us sit for photos

We met some more little dogs but they hadn't seen Crystal either

A final photo before returning to the chariot & then back to our Palace.

May be we will find Crystal another day.

We are also looking for snow, they both seem to be rather elusive.